Photographer Cursed Out for Refusing to Send Wedding Photos Until She’s Paid

Wedding photographer
Stock photo.

A photographer has taken to the ever-popular AITAH subreddit to ask whether she is the proverbial backside for refusing to hand over wedding photos until she is paid.

The photographer, who goes by Belle0910, explains that she is a 24-year-old female who stepped in for a friend after their wedding photographer canceled the night before the wedding.

Belle says that it was her brother-in-law who told her about the situation and asked if she would help and that she would be paid by a certain date.

“I agreed and traveled four hours with my camera and laptop up to this wedding venue to take photos for the bride and groom,” explains Belle.

Belle says she later found out that she wasn’t being paid until much later than agreed and, clearly disgruntled, she decided to withhold the photos.

“I then explained this to my friend and he was unaware of a date being set for payment and only the amount until I’d showed him that part of the conversation we had between each other,” writes Belle.

“So now I’ve been called an as*hole for refusing to send any photos over until payment has been made in full by the given date but everyone’s already been using my photos quite happily for profile pictures and cover photos from the few I had already sent over.

“I feel the whole situation is about to put a divide between me and my friend when I don’t want it to but am I the Ahole for refusing to send any more photos until payment has been made or am I overreacting?”

Belle’s post received 5,000 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments with the majority of people judging her to be “Not the A-hole.”

Many on the thread suggested Belle send her friend the photos with huge watermarks on them or as tiny thumbnails that can’t be enlarged.

“As a former professional tog, I feel your pain here. No, you are NTA. Family, friends, strangers, whomever is asking for images without paying is NOT entitled to those images,” writes one Redditor.

“They’re your photos, and you own the rights to them to do as you wish. Please, please don’t distribute those images without getting full payment, if you do it once, it’ll be expected again and again and again.”

In August, PetaPixel reported on a photographer who deleted their cousin’s wedding photos after their relative refused to pay.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.