Adobe Teases Amazing AI Photo Editing Where Everything’s a Layer

Adobe Project Stardust

Ahead of Adobe MAX, Adobe has shown a teaser for an AI-powered tool that could revolutionize photo editing.

As seen on Techspot and The Verge, Project Stardust is an object-aware editing engine that can automatically identify parts of an image. It enables the user to change fundamental aspects of a photo in near-real-time, almost as if each object exists in three-dimensional space.

In its new teaser video, Adobe says that Project Stardust allows people to edit their photos “as if they were real.” For example, with an image of a woman on a sidewalk with a rolling suitcase, the demo video shows the user clicking on the luggage and moving it around the image, its natural shadow following it as it moves. Users can also delete the suitcase in a single click and use AI to generate new objects to put in the woman’s outstretched hand.

Adobe Project Stardust

Other aspects of the editing engine are even more automated. For example, when people are in the background of a shot, a “Remove distractors” button identifies the people who are not the subject in the photo and removes them.

Adobe Project Stardust

In another scene, the user clicks on a man’s outfit, creating a precise selection of clothing. From there, changing what the person is wearing is as easy as clicking and typing a description of the clothes the user wants the subject to wear. This could be extremely useful for portrait and fashion photographers who want different looks without the model needing an outfit change.

“And that is just a fraction. This engine is going to revolutionize the way that we interact with Adobe products,” says Project Stardust manager Aya in the short teaser video.

Adobe also recently teased an update to its generative AI system, Firefly. In the teaser video below, Adobe shows how Firefly will be helpful for editing videos, including changing a video’s overall mood and appearance using text prompts.

Between AI features in Photoshop allowing photographers to expand an image’s frame with text prompts and the upcoming Project Stardust engine, photographers will have practically no limits to manipulating an image, all with just a few clicks.

Adobe customers will not need to wait long to see what other new AI technology the software giant has up its sleeve, as Adobe MAX kicks off next week on October 10 and runs through October 12. The annual conference includes keynote presentations and a lot of educational offerings for Adobe users. Each year, Adobe uses MAX to showcase significant updates and innovations across its entire Creative Cloud suite of applications.