Trail Camera Footage Captures Wolf Stealing Another Trail Camera

Wolf runs away with trail camera

A remote trail camera captured the amusing moment a wolf stole and ran off with another trail camera.

The footage was captured by trail cameras set up by the Help Alberta Wildies Society in Alberta, Canada on September 4.

In the clip, recorded at nighttime, the wolf is seen sprinting off with another trail camera in its mouth into the darkness.

“In case there was any doubt about who ran off with the trail camera, the evidence is a bit telling,” the group writes on Facebook.

Help Alberta Wildies Society says that viewers were able to see the stolen recording device in the wolf’s jaws because of a bright light detected by other trail cameras.

The group explained that the infrared light from the trail camera is not visible to the eye — for both wolves and humans. However, the night vision on the trail cameras is infrared — which means the light does show up on camera footage because it is detected by other trail cameras using the same technology.

“The trailcams pick up that light when they’ve been triggered by movement at night,” Help Alberta Wildies Society says.

“It was totally dark as far as the wolf could see.”

The Camera Was Discovered ‘Pretty Chewed Up’

According to Help Alberta Wildies Society’s post, they did manage to recover the stolen trail camera: “It was pretty chewed up but it kept recording.”

FTW Outdoors reports that two different wolves can be seen in the footage. The wolf that stole the camera is seen scuttling past the screen with the device in its teeth.

The wolves belong to a pack of seven that “are picked up frequently by our cameras as they pass by our research areas for wild horses,” Help Alberta Wildies Society tells FTW Outdoors.

The Help Alberta Wildies Society aims to save and protect the free-roaming wild horses with rare Spanish bloodlines throughout the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. It has set up cameras to monitor and conduct research on wild horses in the area.

A trail camera set up by the Help Alberta Wildies Society previously captured intense footage of a grizzly bear ferociously chasing down a band of wild horses.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Facebook/The Help Alberta Wildies Society.