New Atomos Shogun Series Recorders Sport Huge, Bright Screen

The new Atomos Shogun and Shogun ultra camera-mountable recorder are seen together against a black background as the screens light up the forefront.

Video tech company Atomos has announced a new Shogun Series set of camera-mounted recorders and an Adobe Premiere Pro extension for its browser-based editor.

The new monitor recorders, the Shogun and Shogun Ultra, will have the same features of the new Ninja models that Atomos debuted last month.

But the Shogun line will have some perks of its own. The Shogun models use the same new AtomOS 11 operating system as the Ninja, which brings EL Zone exposure referenced colorized image, ARRI False Color, and new scheduled playback and recording tools. They’ll also have more standard codecs, including the 6K Apple ProRes RAW, with the Shogun Ultra getting the 8K option. They’ll also have Apple ProRes, DNxHD, and H.265, previously only available as a paid option. The Shogun Ultra can record Apple ProRes RAW videos in 4K at 60fps while recording HD video at 60fps to H.265.

The Atomos Shogun is shown at an angle against a white background.
The Atomos Shogun

The screens also get a significant upgrade, separating the new Shogun Series products from the Ninja line. Both Shogun models feature a 2000-nit 7-inch screen (the Ninja is 5 inches and only goes up to 1000 nits) with built-in cloud connectivity. The 4K to cloud mode lets users record and upload higher quality bitrate H.265 videos, complete with higher framerates. The Ninja, meanwhile, needs a module for camera-to-cloud features.

“With both our Ninja and Shogun lines we are bringing new functionality to market, and at the same time making our different product offerings easier to understand,” Atomos CEO Trevor Elbourne says in a release.

The Atomos Shogun Ultra is shown at an angle against a white background.
The Atomos Shogun Ultra

The new Shogun line also offers Atomos RemoteView, which allows users wirelessly share live views to other devices, like an iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, or other Atomos monitors. This feature is available from anywhere in the world, Atomos says.

In addition to the new hardware, Atomos announced an update to its browser-based Atomos Edit. The editor will now have an Adobe Premiere Pro extension, allowing users to open a panel within the larger video editing software to use Atomos Edit tools. With the extension, content can be seen uploaded within Premiere Pro, and users automatically access work edited in Atomos Edit. Atomos’ editor can be used on phones, tablets, and desktop, and has multi-user editing and tracks changes, views, downloads, so it is possible to see who is working on what and lets users lock the timeline. People can also make comments, tag others, and make approvals.

The Atomos Shogun will cost $999 and €999, while the Shogun Ultra will cost $1,199 and €1,199. Both are expected to ship in October and are available for pre-order now.

Image credits: Atomos