Content Creators Guild of America Launches and Photographers Can Join

Creators Guild of America logo
Creators Guild of America logo.

A new creator’s guild that aims to represent a spectrum of content makers, including photographers, has been launched.

The Creators Guild of America (CGA) is a self-described “non-profit professional service organization” and is “similar” to a union but is not a union.

It will offer members benefits that more traditional professions already have, things like networking events, job opportunities, and professional discounts.

The CGA will also keep a public database of authenticated member projects. This will serve as proof of a member’s achievements, charting their contribution to the content industry.

“In every creative profession, your credits are your currency,” the CGA writes on its website. “They demonstrate a public record of accomplishment, the foundation on which your reputation rests.”

Justine Ezarik, known as iJustine on YouTube, is a board member but membership extends beyond influencers and is open to videographers, photographers, designers, and others across the “supply chain of the creator economy.”

Daniel Abas, who founded the CGA, tells The Information that there are many creative professionals who contribute to content creation, comparing it to the movie industry.

“Much like in film, it takes an entire group of people to bring that piece of art to life,” Abas says. “Only taking a look at one facet of the creator economy does an injustice to all the other creative people that contribute their time and creative talents.”

As noted by Tech Crunch, membership costs $99 per year and divides members into three types of creators.

Firstly, “media” creators such as influencers, online personalities, and gamers qualify for membership if they have at least 15,000 followers and made $15,000 in brand deals within a 12-month period.

Then there are “marketing” creators. This is the category for photographers and other creators who are usually behind content. This also includes social managers, videographers, and designers. Marketing creators are eligible to join the CGA if they have active employment at an agency or have at least 25,000 followers across five social media accounts.

Finally, there is a “makers” category. This is for developers and producers who are eligible for membership if they raise $500,000 in venture capital or have 50,000 streams, downloads, or installations.

Futher information can be found on the CGA’s website.