Wildlife Photographer Finds Herself Surrounded by 13 Wolves in the Arctic


A wildlife photographer was surrounded by 13 wolves during a trip to the Canadian Arctic, as revealed in a remarkable video posted to her TikTok.

Meline Ellwanger, a 20-year-old photographer from Germany, posted a video showing the pack of wolves in close proximity to her as well as sharing some of the amazing photos she captured on her Instagram.


Surrounded by 13 wild wolves in the Arctic 🐺

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Ellwanger was based in the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge in Manitoba where she “got more lucky than any of us would have ever imagined.”

“During my visit to the Arctic something incredible happened,” writes Ellwanger. The video then shows the photographer surrounded by the wolves in a frozen landscape.

The video then cuts to some of Ellwanger’s amazing clips showing the wolves howling, stretching, and grooming themselves.

“Every encounter with wildlife you have is different. Sometimes you are very far away so as to not stress or harass the animal,” writes Ellwanger on Instagram.

“But sometimes there are moments where the wildlife approaches you. As a wildlife photographer, the best feeling is to see that an animal is completely comfortable with your presence to the point where they continue on with their natural behavior.

“These wolves were incredibly curious but still cautious. They went around us and as they continued on they started playing and running around, completely unbothered by our presence.”

Ellwanger says that the reason why the wolves got so close is because they have “never had any bad experiences with humans.”

Because of this, they are curious about humans and the nature photographer says that she had two experiences where wolves approached and “walked right past us” just a couple of feet away.

More of Ellwanger’s photos can be viewed on her website, TikTok, and Instagram.

Image credits: Header photo by Meline Ellwanger and partly licensed via Depositphotos.