XP-Pen’s Artist Pro 16 Display Tablet Brings Industry First 16K Pen Pressure

XP-Pen has announced the second-generation, $599 Artist Pro 16 display tablet for artists and retouchers. The updated tablet boasts a 2.5K resolution with a stylus that leverages an X3 Pro Smart Chip with a “world-first” 16K pen pressure technology.

The new portable 16-inch display was designed in collaboration with “world-renowned” artist, illustrator, and designer Shan Jiang who has previously worked with Apple and Hermes.

The improved pen pressure sensitivity will resolve common technical challenges found in other versions of display tablets such as lag, latency, heavy strokes, disconnections, instability, and frequency interference, allowing for finer line capture, smoother brush strokes (a claimed accuracy improvement of 20%), and faster responsiveness (decreased to 90ms, which is 1.5x faster than previous generations).

The new pen also features a 0.6mm retraction distance, three gram initial activation pressure (IAF), and 60-degree tilt. Best of all, the stylist comes with dual shortcut keys, a digital eraser in the tail, and includes a box for storage that contains additional replacement nibs.

The Artist Pro 16 Gen 2 also features an improved frameless display with a metallic body with a foldable stand built into the back of the device. The surface itself is made with a fully laminated (Anti-Glare & Anti Fingerprint) AG-etched glass screen with a little to no parallax providing a real pen-to-paper feel for designers and retouchers.

In addition to the above screen improvements, the company says the Artist Pro 16 (G2) features a 2,560×1,600 WUXGA TUV SUD certified anti-blue light display to optimize eye comfort while maintaining a highly accurate color (including 99% sRGB).

To help keep users hands in an ergonomic and uninterrupted state, the new display tablet also comes with a wireless shortcut remote with 10 customizable/programmable keys and a jog dial that can be positioned four different ways to meet any workflow style demands.

The tablet itself has dual “reversible” USB-C ports that can be connected using a full-featured USB-C cable or HDMI 3-in-1 which will allow for charging and data transmission at the same time, helping reduce cable and desk clutter.

The XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 Gen 2 Display Tablet is available now from the XP-Pen Store for $599.

Images and Video provided by XP-Pen