You Can Now Completely Customize Your TourBox in the Latest Update

TourBox has announced Version 5.0 release of TourBox Console Software which includes WonderFlow, a tool that allows editor to completely customize the tools and software connected to their TourBox NEO and Elite devices.

According to the company, the “cutting edge” WonderFlow software was designed for editors using TourBox Consoles to provide them with a completely personalized and flexible creative environment that will allow users to redefine and integrate software applications based on their preferences.

This update effectively allows editors to create completely custom parameter panels enabling real-time changes and allowing them to build a streamlined, user-friendly, unique creative interface full of their most frequently used design tools, functions, and presets.

“Traditional keyboards can be a major obstacle for photographers and videographers, hindering their creative flow and slowing down the editing process. In today’s competitive digital landscape, it’s crucial for small businesses and entrepreneurs to have intuitive tools that save time, money and optimize their workflow,” Charles Lewis, Director of TourBox R&D, says.

“The latest software makes TourBox the essential companion for the creative industry. By breaking the boundaries of native software, TourBox simplifies complex workflows and enables editors to do their best work.”

The company says with WonderFlow, users can leverage the WonderFlow tools to efficiently edit videos and enhance photo color via a new customizable TourMenu Dynamic Panel that consolidates the most essential parameters used into a single interface, a new Ease-Tuning feature that allows direct adjustments and pairing with software platforms like Lightroom Classic, Capture One Pro, and Adobe Premiere for smoother and faster editing, the new MagicDrawer and Dividers components of the TourBox DynamicPanel that serves as a virtual organizer that helps create smooth transitions between applications, and a new Smart HUD that dynamically displays recommended tools and functions based on specific projects and software being used.

In addition to the WonderFlow update, version 5.0 also includes a variety of new presets for photo and video editing as well as for illustration and audio tools. This update allows for integration with additional applications like Clip Studio Paint, PaintTool SAI and MAX/MS, and many more.

The new TourBox Console 5 Software is available for download now and is compatible with the TourBox Neo and TourBox Elite console decks.

Image credits: TourBox