Wannabe Horse Photographer Demands $1,000 for Training

A man has described how a photographer demanded $1,000 to train him in a viral Reddit post.

In a viral post on Reddit, a user has described how a photographer demanded $1,000 to be trained in the art of horse photography.

A Reddit user named u/Flimsy-Field-8321 shared the story in a post that outraged and amused readers.

The Reddit user describes themself as a horse person who is “extremely fortunate” to have access to “a gorgeous barn with the best trainer.”

They claim to have met a photographer through a business networking group. And a few weeks ago, the photographer, who typically does family portraits and sports events, contacted them asking for help.

The photographer wanted to take up equestrian photography and asked if the Reddit user could offer any advice on breaking into the profession.

The Reddit user was happy to oblige and even ended up inviting the photographer to a horse show so he could be taught by a top trainer in return for providing low-cost prints.

“He called me a couple of weeks ago and told me he wanted to break into equestrian photography and would I have any advice on how to do that. I invited him to our barn to discuss,” the Reddit user says.

“He came and had a terrific time, took some photos, and we talked about having him attend a horse show with us.

“In return for the trainer and the barn girls advising him on what he should be looking for and what angles to shoot during the show, he would provide prints at low cost.”

The Reddit user explains how this experience with a top horse trainer was an excellent opportunity to learn about what it takes to be an equine photographer.

“We talked about how valuable the trainer’s time was and yet she was willing to take the time with him,” the Redditor explains.

“Now this trainer is one of the top in the north east and also works with TV and movies to train actors who need to be on horseback.

“She is much in demand, but because I asked her, she would advise the photographer at the show, and also allow him to attend a group jumping lesson for more training.

“Obviously she is not a photographer, but is well versed in what actions shots of horses should involve. He seemed very excited about the opportunity and seemed to understand the value.”

‘I’ll Need $1,000 Up Front’

However, the Reddit user was left shocked when the photographer contacted them shortly after their meeting and demanded $1,000 to be trained at the horse show.

They also demanded that no other photographer attend the horse show so that he had exclusivity over the event and could sell his images to the competitors.

“Well, last night he emailed me. Instead of providing low cost shots in exchange for knowledge in horse behavior, action, etc, he decided that he ‘needs $1,000 up front’ to attend the show, and needs assurance he will be the only photographer there,” the Redditor says.

“Further he needs the email addresses of every competitor so he can sell his photos. This is the polar opposite of what we discussed. I was dying laughing.”

‘This Kind of Attitude Kills Me’

The Reddit user couldn’t believe what they were hearing from the photographer. Readers were also stunned by the photographer’s request and claimed that he should never have passed up the valuable training offered to him.

“That kind of attitude kills me. Having a decent camera doesn’t make someone a photographer any more than wearing a striped shirt makes me a zebra,” a reader writes.

Another Reddit user comments: “He is an idiot as he will lose a good opportunity.”

Several readers asked for the Reddit user’s email back to the photographer’s demands and they shared their reply in a comment.

In response, the photographer was apprently “sorry for the miscommunication.”

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.