Protester Storms Live TV Show Only to Get Wiped Out by Boom Camera

A protester attempting to interrupt Sweden’s version of Dancing With The Stars got a face full of camera sending him to the ground.

During a live broadcast, two climate change activists rushed onto the stage while dancers were on stage mid-performance.

As the duo began throwing yellow powder around the stage and unfurling a banner, a heavy-duty broadcast video camera attached to a boom arm directly struck one of the protesters who was sent flying.

The violent brush with the camera allowed security to get their hands on the activists and drag them off stage as the dancers continued their performance.

‘Not Intentional’

Let’s Dance is aired on TV4 in Sweden, the station says that the camera operator did not hit the protester purposefully.

“It was obviously not intentional. There are very clear instructions that, for example, you may not stand up. All numbers are planned down to the smallest detail, if someone appears without warning in a place, it is impossible to stop it,” says Erik Westberg, the program director for TV4.

Camera wipes out protester

The protesters have been named as Otis Geijer and Tina Kronberg with the former taking the camera in the face.

“It’s actually completely fine with me, I haven’t received any major damage. What is really serious is the sabotage that the politicians are currently doing, and the betrayal of the citizens,” says Geijer.

“We are glad that it went well for him, because it could have gone badly,” adds the program director.

The other protester, Kronberg, says the camera incident is not relevant: “The reason why we are doing the actions is because we are rushing towards a climate hell and a social and economic collapse.”

Who Are the Eco-Activists?

Hailing from the country that has produced the world’s most famous eco-activist (Greta Thunberg), Restore Wetlands are trying to bring attention to a looming environmental disaster.

“We are heading for a climate collapse and our politicians are only making the crisis worse by not acting. We are the last generation that has a chance to stop this death project,” Roxy Farhat, a spokesperson tells the Telegraph.

Three people are reported to have been questioned by Swedish police on suspicion of vandalism.