Photographer Drops His GoPro Under a Cruise Ship With Terrifying Results

A photographer dropped a GoPro underneath a cruise ship in daytime and nighttime capturing fascinating and also terrifying footage.

Odysseas Froilan begins the video during daylight hours in what appears to be the engine room in the bowels of the ship. He lowers his GoPro down into the ocean on what is presumably a fishing rod.

Instantly, there are schools of fish swarming the camera as well as a curious large pike that makes a beeline toward the alien object.

Gopro dropped undert cruise ship

There are several pikes beneath the ship that look utterly bemused at the camera’s presence, giving the instrument a strong side-eye.

Unfortunately, Froilan provides very little information about the video. He is a Greek photographer who updates his Flickr page with stunning wildlife photos, but it is impossible to ascertain the location of his cruise ship video.

Bottom of the ocean

Later on in the video, Froilan drops the GoPro all the way to the bottom where we get a glimpse of the ship’s anchor and a few more exotic fish patrolling the seabed.

After he pulls his GoPro back to the surface, at the five-minute mark it cuts to “Night Footage.”

Shark in the ocean

Froilan has equipped the GoPro with a light this time allowing him to catch some sight of the fish that are now covered in darkness.

The camera hits the bottom of the ocean floor and we see schools of fish but suddenly a huge object comes brushing past the camera — a huge shark. The shark seems to be as frightened as the viewers as it suddenly jumps, turns in directions, and speeds out of frame.

We then get another shot of an even bigger shark that glides past nonplussed with a remora fish underneath it.

shark in the ocean

The video has racked up over 1.5 million views with viewers apparently liking the no-frills, raw aspect of the clip.

“Part of what makes this video so magical is that there’s no terrible music in the background. This video makes you feel like you’re there,” says Paula WhiteDove.

“It might not be feasible, but how cool would it be if cruise ships had a few cameras on the hull so guests can always take a look at what’s swimming around underneath them,” adds Calladeem.

There’s clearly a fascination with dropping cameras into marine environments. Earlier this year, PetaPixel reported on a man who dropped his GoPro into the Gulf of Mexico to see “what was going on.”