Man Drops GoPro into Water after Wondering ‘What’s Going on’ in Ocean

A curious man dropped a GoPro camera into the waters of Navarre Beach, Florida to document the remarkable sea life in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ace Underwater recorded mullet fish, pinfish, and snappers in the shallow water. But as the YouTuber ventured further down the pier he recorded a green sea turtle who curiously swam up to the camera’s lens.

When Ace went all the way to the end of the Navarre pier, the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico, the action really began; capturing deadly ocean predators.

The GoPro sunk to a depth of roughly 30 feet deep, and initially the camera captured stunning footage of mangrove snappers and a pufferfish.

Lowering the Bait

Keen fisherman Ace brought along a section of a ladyfish he’d caught on a previous fishing trip. He lowered it into the water to see how the other fish would react.

Rather unsurprisingly, it sparked a feeding frenzy attracting dozens of remora fish that are usually seen stuck to sharks and stingrays.

As the feeding frenzy escalates, the commotion attracts a much larger marine mammal — a dolphin. Initially, the dolphin is occupied with something else in its mouth but soon comes back and simply grabs the ladyfish and swims away; much to the disappointment of the scores of bickering fish that were fighting over it.

From the pier, Ace and his fisherman friends realize there is something larger in the waters below. He realizes it’s a dolphin because of the way it approaches the fisherman’s lines.

“You can always tell when a dolphin grabs your line instead of a shark because they grab it without grabbing the hook,” Ace explains.

“The shark just eats the whole thing and cuts your lines with its teeth but the dolphins tear the bait away.”

Ace says that he loves to hang out on the pier with the other fishermen and he always wonders what’s going down below.

The simple idea was incredibly effective as viewers not only got a look at the creatures dwelling on the sea bed but also the hierarchy of the marine world — with dolphins reigning supreme.

More of Ace’s videos can be seen on his YouTube channel.