Capture One Update Adds New AI Tools and Wireless Tethering for Fujifilm


Capture One has announced the 16.2 “spring” update that adds new features and artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools designed to speed up users’ workflows.

The new update will include a wide collection of improvements, expansions of existing tools, and entirely new features mean to streamline the time spent using the application. These include a new automatic dust removal tool (beta) that can identify sensor spots automatically, wireless tethering for Fujifilm cameras with the promise of more on the way, automated face-focus checking and stacking during Cull and Importing steps to identify the sharpest images, new custom shortcuts for easy style applications, and iPad functionality for Capture One Live.

Additionally the update also includes several quality of life adjustments and overall performance boosts including faster preview generation, improved consistency with Smart Adjustments, and integration with allowing users to sync images between the platform and application without extra steps.

Auto-Dust Removal (beta)

Launching as a beta, Capture One Pro will now include the ability to automatically remove dust spots from images saving a large amount of time for more users to clean up their shots.

“The old Spot Removal tool has been reworked to focus on Dust Removal with an AI-driven automatic removal option. The tool will automatically find up to 200 dust spots and remove them instantly,” the company says.

Users will be able to use the tool on both single images or as batches using the new public beta with a final version set to be released soon at no additional cost for users. The company has even asked for users leveraging the new beta tool to reach out with feedback so they can ensure the final released version functions as good as possible.

Face Focus

Capture one says the new Face Focus tool to instantly reveal face sharpness and expression(s) through the Import and Cull viewers of Capture One Pro. The new tool will detect a subjects face and give users an instant close-up of the subject, allowing users to select the sharpest images from the very beginning of the photoshoot. “This allows you to select your sharpest images from the start even faster without needing to manually zoom in on every photo.”

The new Face Focus tool is available from the top menu when the large viewer is enabled and gives users five different options for the zoom level including 50%, 100%, 200%, Limit to Eye, and Limit to Face. According to the company, the latter two “dynamic options” will ensure the entire eye or face is within the frame of closeup, even if the areas are big compared to the overall resolution of the file.

Custom Shortcuts

The new Custom Shortcuts will allow users to easily apply Styles or send images to other applications with greater efficiency. From the Shortcut Manager, users will be able to assign shortcuts to individual Styles and Presets to instantly apply them to their images. Users can also create shortcuts to directly send images to other applications through the “Edit With…” menu item for even greater control and workflow simplification.

Additionally, users can right-click a Style or Preset to directly access the Custom Shortcuts section of the Shortcut Manager.

Wireless Tethering (Fujifilm)

Capture One Pro will be adding wireless tethering for select Fujifilm cameras with the promise of more cameras and brands being added down the road, which it says gives creatives for more freedom and flexibility when working on set with their team. The new functionality will let users quickly review, edit, and create the final looks alongside their team without having to struggle with cables dangling around the shoot.

In this latest version of Capture One, they will be adding wireless tethering support for the X-T5, the X-H2, and the X-H2s.

In addition to working wirelessly, tethering also works via network cable using the Fujifilm FT-HX grip with a compatible camera. A setup guide for each supported camera/brand can be found on the company’s website, with a complete list of supported camera models and wireless availability found separately.

Capture One Live for iPad

Capture One Pro now gives creators greater flexibility working with teams by expanding support for Capture One Live on the iPad app. Creators who need to share their work with clients or teams, even if they are on the go or on location, can now keep them closely involved in a shoot with this feature.

With Capture One Live on iPad, users will be able to easily share images without having to export and upload the images on a separate platform. This will allow for immediate feedback in the app no matter where the photographer or the clients are in the world. According to the company, this update will make adding comments and collaboration on a shoot faster and easier than ever

An iPhone App is Coming

While Capture One didn’t go into detail, the company says that an iPhone app will be arriving this summer.

“Get ready to have the power of the studio in your pocket. In Summer 2023, we are introducing Capture One for iPhone,” Capture One says.

Additional Updates

Lastly, the spring update for Capture One Pro will include some quality of life improvements designed to make time spent using the application more efficient and enjoyable. These include the following;

More consistency with Smart Adjustments

With updates to Smart Adjustments, users will see a greatly improved consistency across photos of people, allowing users to finish most of their edits in seconds. Unlike copy and apply, Smart Adjustments uses AI to ensure users get a similar look across images that are shot under different lighting conditions by automatically adjusting Exposure and White Balance specific to each photo. These have been optimized for portraits, fashion, weddings, or other images with faces present as the main focus point.

Faster preview generation

According to the company, the latest version of Capture One Pro also brings faster preview generation, giving significant performance improvements for generation of large previews (above 3000px) for RAWs plus all size previews for DNGs (RAW files: up to 27% faster and DNG files: up to 44% faster depending on the preview size and file format). The improved generation of previews will also improve tethered shooting and reduce the time from trigger to sharp rendering by up to 19% faster.

Integration with

Finally, as the company announced back in April, Capture One Pro now offers integration with, meaning users can sync their images between the platform and the application without needing to export your photos. Users will be able to import and publish their photos to and from directly within the Capture One Pro desktop app.

The Capture One Pro Spring update is available now for all users on perpetual or subscription licenses. The full list of updates with additional details and video demos can be found on Capture One’s Website.

Image credits: Capture One