Is This The Worst Question You Can Ask a Photographer?

Photographer holding a camera

A photographer has gone viral on social media after he revealed “the worst question” that a shooter could be asked.

In a TikTok video, captioned “the worst question to ask a photographer,” Bohdan Lee shared a series of some of his stunning images.

In the clip, the photographer, who is based in Vancouver, Canada, imagines an individual complimenting his pictures: “Your photos are so good.”

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Lee then reveals the dreaded question that a photographer could be asked after such a compliment. According to Lee, that question is: “What camera do you use?”

‘It’s Never About The Camera’

The clip resonated with TikTok users — racking up 1.6 million views and over 400,000 likes. Thousands of photographers on the social media platform seemed to heartily agree with Lee.

“Like asking a painter what brush they use,” a photographer comments.

While another photographer comments that it is a common misconception that the camera model is more important than the person behind the device: “It hurts when people think the better camera the better picture.”

A further TikTok user believed that social media users are too preoccupied with owning the most coveted camera as opposed to learning the skills involved in photography.

“People be thinking if they just get the camera they can take photos like you, they can’t,” the user writes.

Another photographer similarly says: “It’s never about the camera, it’s about the skill. Try taking a picture with no skill on a $5,000 camera.”

One photographer lamented how often she was asked about her camera kit: “I wish I could take pictures with my eyes sometimes.”

‘It’s Still a Valid Question’

However, others pointed out that the subject of camera technology was still a justifiable question — even if it may be a bit tiresome for photographers.

“Even for a great photographer, still a valid question, or they wouldn’t be walking around with expensive body or lenses,” a TikTok user argues.

A further viewer remarks: “Is it wrong to ask that? If people ask that then they think your pictures are awesome and wanna copy your work.”

Some TikTok users on the platform said they were simply curious about the photographer’s kit and wanted to more learn about camera technology.

In the comments, Lee was glad to help viewers with the question and directed them to a previous TikTok video where he revealed that he used a Sony A7IV camera.

TikTok has increasingly become the online space to discuss photography for younger users. Generation Z users on TikTok recently debated how modern digital cameras are better than smartphones for taking photos.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.