Canva Adds AI Photo Tool That Lets You Change Your Outfit Using Text


Canva has created an artificially intelligent (AI) tool that lets users change their outfit and hairstyle in a photo using only text.

Canva, an easy-to-use design platform that is perhaps Adobe’s greatest competition, added a slew of new AI-powered editing features last month. However, its Magic Edit tool has particularly enthralled the internet.

Canva’s Magic Edit tool allows users to use text to generate different clothes and hairstyles for themselves in a photo.

According to an official tutorial on the Canva website, the Magic Edit tool allows users to “brush” over a section of a photo and describe exactly what they want it to be transformed into using text.

Mashable reports that’s social media users have been using Canva’s Magic Edit tool to turn flattering photos of themselves into professional headshot-appropriate shots — simply by describing the outfit they want to replace the one they’re wearing with.

In a TikTok video, captioned “AI gave me a new shirt” which has over 10 million views, start-up founder Jined Alessandra, uses Canva’s Magic Edit to change her floral romper into an outfit suitable for the workplace.

@jinedalessandra Kinda cute though! #AI #AIheadshot #canvaai #businesshack ♬ original sound – Jined

“If you have a photo that you really like and you need to use it as a headshot but it’s not professional enough, Canva has your back,” Alessandra says in the video.

She then shows how she highlights her original outfit in the image and then generates a new shirt for herself by describing what she wants to wear instead.

Canva’s Magic Edit tool replaces Alessandra’s casual romper into a shirt dress — although it does take a few attempts for her to create an outfit she personally likes.

In another video with over six million views, content creator Amy King is inspired to use Canva’s tool to change her black vest top in a photo into a “professional, chic white blouse.”

@amy_king_v #stitch with @jinedalessandra no cap #canvaai #linkedinprofile ♬ original sound – Amy_King_V

The Magic Edit tool, which is available on the PC and mobile versions of Canva, is still in beta.

On its website, Canva has described some of the limitations of the new feature. According to the company, sometimes the generated result can turn out “empty, unexpected, or different from what you intended.”

It also notes that “generated results sometimes have a light direction, color, or style that doesn’t match.” The Magic Edit can also only be used up to 25 times per day.