Canva Adds New AI Tools with Magic Studio

A compilation of Canva's new Magic Studio features on colorful tiles.

Canva celebrates its 10th anniversary with the announcement of a new artificial intelligence suite, Magic Studio, that adds new tools to the editing app.

While Canva already has several AI-powered features, like Magic Edit, which lets users make changes to images. But Magic Studio will add to that functionality and will bring other AI-powered apps to Canva, including Dall-E, Google’s Imagen, MurfAI, Soundraw, and others. Some of these features will even be free (or free up to a point), but all will be included for unlimited use in Canva Pro and Canva for Teams.

Using the Magic Edit feature in Canva, a user changes an image.

Canva also says it will commit $200 million in content and AI royalties to the company’s creator community over the next three years. The Creator Compensation Program will pay Canva Creators who consent to having their content used to train the company’s proprietary AI models, according to a release from the company, and allow users to opt out of having their data used for AI training. However, it’s unclear specifically how compensation will be distributed or if it will continue after three years.

Magic Media converts text to images or video, Brand Voice is an AI-powered copywriter, and Magic Switch will convert formats, for example turning a whiteboard project into a blog post or a presentation into a summary. Magic Switch can also translate the work into other languages.

Canva's Magic Studio on a laptop screen.

There are several image-focused features, as well. Magic Expand lets users recover what’s out of the frame and Magic Grab lets users separate and move elements within an image

Design-wise, Magic Morph changes words and shapes into new colors, textures, patterns, and styles. And Magic Design allows users to create entire designs from a prompt. “Speed up the creation process by simply entering your idea, selecting color schemes and watching complete designs come to life ready to be shared or further customized to your liking,” a release from Canva reads.

“A decade ago, Canva set out to empower the world to design by simplifying a complex and fragmented design ecosystem. As we go into the next decade of our journey, we’re incredibly excited to be taking a massive leap forward with the launch of Magic Studio – the first all-in-one suite of design AI tools created to supercharge the way teams create and scale visual content,” Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Canva, said in a release.

An example of Canva's Megic Design putting together a display.

For enterprise customers, there is a new Canva Shield feature that lets team administrators control which Magic Studio products are enabled, which can be toggled on and off based on employee roles. It also offers prompt filtering, reporting, and “an industry-first debiasing model ensuring Magic Studio products produce safe and inclusive results.”

Magic Edit, Magic Media, translation, Magic Design, and integrated AI app usage, will all be available for limited use for free users, according to Canva.

Canva says the launch of Magic Studio is the “world’s first all-in-one AI design offering for everyone and every business.” The company emphasized that its tools can be used by almost anyone, without the need for professional design expertise.

Image credits: Canva