ON1 Resize AI Update Brings AI Face Recovery and Better Upscaling

ON1 Resize AI 2023.5
Image includes artificial blur for illustrative effect. Real-world comparisons provided by ON1 are available below.

ON1 has announced Resize AI 2023.5, the latest version of the company’s resizing software. The update introduces AI Face Recovery and improved results using the app’s super-resolution upscaling technology.

Like prior versions of ON1 Resize AI, version 2023.5 utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to upscale (or enlarge) photos while maintaining and enhancing fine details, ensuring “stunningly crisp images.”

ON1 Resize AI 2023.5
Original image (left) versus ON1 AI Resize 2023.5 (right)

The new version can detect small faces in photos and upscale them with realistic detail. “This feature is perfect for old group photos or when you must crop a person out of a photo,” writes ON1. “[Resize AI] can reconstruct a face from modest details creating realistic features and textures, resulting in stunning and natural-looking results.”

To mitigate noise and over-sharpening artifacts when enlarging photos, ON1 is adding a component of its AI-powered NoNoise AI app to Resize AI’s upscaling workflow.

ON1 Resize AI’s deep machine learning enables the recreation of many different details and textures, including hair, fur, bark, feathers, grass, concrete, fabric, brick, and more. ON1’s AI model has been trained on millions of photos, ensuring that it can upscale images to “virtually any size” without the artifacts and softness that often result from traditional interpolation-based photo enlargement techniques.

ON1 Resize AI 2023.5
Original image (left) versus ON1 Resize AI 2023.5 (right)

For many photographers, resizing photos is an integral part of a printing workflow, especially when making large prints or printing image files from older, lower-megapixel cameras. ON1 Resize AI includes powerful presets to simplify printing and can work with layered files, alpha channels, text, and adjustment layers in RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and LAB.

ON1 Resize AI 2023 also includes sophisticated features to create beautiful gallery wraps, tiling to print murals, and soft proofing features.

ON1 Resize AI 2023.5

ON1 Resize AI is available as a standalone app and a plug-in for popular photo editing applications like Adobe Lightroom and Capture One. Within ON1 Resize AI, users can batch resize hundreds of photos and export them with control over file type, naming, location, and more.

“ON1 Resize AI is the ultimate AI photo resizer software, providing users with state-of-the-art technology to upscale photos and get stunning, realistic images. With its powerful new features and improved super-resolution results, this AI image upscaler is a must-have tool for photographers, graphic artists, and print agencies,” ON1 says.

ON1 Resize AI 2023.5

ON1 Resize AI 2023.5 is available to preorder for $59.99, a $40 discount compared to the regular price. ON1 Resize AI’s new updates will be available within ON1 Photo RAW 2023, the company’s all-in-one photo editing application, via a free future update.

Owners of a previous version of ON1 Resize AI can purchase an upgrade to the latest version for $39.99. However, for anyone who already owns ON1 Resize AI 2023 as a standalone app, the 2023.5 update will be free.

ON1 Resize AI 2023.5

Further, ON1 Everything subscribers will receive Resize AI 2023.5 for free as part of their plan.

ON1 will announce the official release date for ON1 Resize AI 2023.5 “in the coming weeks.”

Image credits: ON1