‘Remembering Leopards’ is the 8th Book in a Series Dedicated to Saving Wildlife

Remembering Leopards
Photo by Hannes Lochner

The Remembering Wildlife organization has announced Remembering Leopards, the eighth book in a series designed to bring attention to species that are threatened around the world.

The organization has launched several charity photo books over the years that highlight endangered species and act to raise funds for the protection of the animals featured with the help of famous supporters and talented photographers around the world. Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions, Remembering Cheetahs, and Remembering African Wild Dogs have already been produced, and Remembering Bears was funded and delivered last year. Remembering Leopards will follow and is currently seeking funding through April 28 on Kickstarter.

Remembering Leopards

The campaign launched on April 1 and smashed its minimum target of £20,000 in just four minutes when it launched on 1 April. Remembering Wildlife says that within the first day, supporters had pledged more than £100,000, making Remembering Leopards the fastest funded of all the books in the series so far.

The Kickstarter runs until the end of the month and the organization’s coordinator Margot Raggett says that the more money is raised, the more books that can be produced and the more conservation projects that can be supported.

Remembering Leopards
Photo by Federico Veronsi
Remembering Leopards
Photo by Sebastian Kennerknecht

Remembering Leopards will feature all nine sub-species of leopards: African, Amur, Arabian, Indian, Indochinese, North Chinese, Javan, Sri Lankan, and Persian, as well as snow and clouded leopards, too. It is set to be the largest in the series as well, with 180 total pages when it launches this fall.

Remembering Leopards
Photo by Ben Cranke
Remembering Leopards
Photo by Art Wolfe

Images for the book have once again been donated by many of the world’s best wildlife photographers who Raggett says worked under the banner of “Wildlife Photographers United” and include Marsel van Oosten, Jonathan and Angela Scott, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, and Greg du Toit. This year’s cover image is by Mark Dumbleton.

Remembering Leopards
Photo by Vladamir Cech Jr.
Remembering Leopards
Photo by Sascha Fonseca

“Despite their adaptability, the global population and distribution of leopards is sadly in decline,” Raggett says. “They are now believed to be extinct in 23 of their 85 original range countries. I’m blown away by the support our Kickstarter has had already and I promise everyone who has pledged their support that this will be the most beautiful book on leopards the world has ever seen.”

Kickstarter backers have access to unique rewards such as first-edition copies of the book, limited edition prints, bespoke artwork and jewelry, camera equipment, and safari stays, depending on the amount of money pledged. Details of all rewards and associated costs can be found on the Remembering Leopards Kickstarter page.

Disclaimer: Make sure you do your own research into any crowdfunding project you’re considering backing. While we aim to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there’s always a real chance that you can lose your money when backing any crowdfunded project.

Image credits: All photos individually credited and provided courtesy of Remembering Wildlife