NiSi Announces Athena Cine Lenses and Full-Spectrum ND Filters

NiSi Athena

NiSi has announced its new Athena series of cinema lenses ahead of NAB 2023. The five-prime-lens series covers full-frame image sensors with focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 85mm. The lenses will be available in Canon RF, PL, and Sony E mounts.

The 14mm T2.4, 25mm T1.9, 35mm T1.9, 50mm T1.9, and 85mm T1.9 lenses promise minimal focus breathing, and each lens features identical dimensions and 77mm filter threads, enabling an easy workflow for videographers switching lenses and using rigs. Similarly, the aperture and focus rings are located in the same positions, allowing lens swapping without repositioning lens motors and gears.

NiSi Athena
NiSi’s Athena lenses feature identical dimensions, the same 77mm filter thread, and the focus/aperture rings are located in the same spots on each lens.

While officially announced, NiSi has thus far primarily only teased its new Athena lenses, so details are scarce. NewsShooter and CineD write that NiSi promises “almost no focus breathing” and high image quality, including significant micro-contrast and ultra-low chromatic aberration.

NiSi has also revealed that the lenses, at least in the Sony E-mount version pictured, feature a drop-in filter mount at the rear alongside the front filter thread. That’s an interesting inclusion, especially for users that have cinema cameras lacking built-in neutral density filters. Even for cameras with ND filters, a drop-in filter slot expands creative options for videographers.

Additional details should be made available during the NAB Show in Las Vegas, but as of now, NiSi hasn’t disclosed pricing or availability for its new Athena cinema lenses.

Nisi FS ND
NiSi has also unveiled its new Full-Spectrum Neutral Density (FS ND) filters

Alongside the five new Athena lenses, NiSi has also introduced a new lineup of Full-Spectrum Neutral Density (FS ND) filters. These filters promise extreme color neutrality and “transmit light evenly through the spectrum of ultraviolet, visible light, and near-infrared wavelengths.”

Nisi FS ND

NiSi’s FS ND filters will be available in eight strengths ranging from 0.3 to 2.4, which is equivalent to one to eight stops of light. While available size information isn’t available, CineD notes that the image NiSi released seems to show a 4 x 5.6″ filter size.

Nisi FS ND

Like with the Athena lenses, NiSi hasn’t disclosed pricing or availability information for its FS ND filters. NiSi will be located at booth C3335 at NAB and will unveil additional information about its latest products on April 16.

Image credits: NiSi