Wild Footage of Enormous Powder Cloud Avalanche Engulfing Skiers

A huge powder cloud avalanche was caught on camera engulfing a group of skiers and snowboarders on Mount Timpanogos in Utah.

The remarkable video shows a great mass of snow powder rolling down the mountain, rising in height as it goes. A group of skiers waits for it to envelop them.

“What the heck bro,” says the man filming. “That is one of the biggest avalanches I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s going to pummel us.”

The man’s comment proved to be prescient as the great snow cloud was over them in mere seconds instantly removing all visibility and ending the video.

Local news reporter Brian Schnee says that no injuries were sustained and that the incident happened just off the nearby Sundance Resort.

“Today there was a natural avalanche that started on Mount Timpanogos and carried down the mountain into an area outside our ski area boundaries,” writes the Resort on Twitter.

“Footage shows the dust/wind cloud reaching guests who were watching but no one was hurt as deposition area never reached our boundaries. We remained open all day and hope you will join us tomorrow for more amazing skiing and boarding. We are very grateful for our amazing ski patrol who work so hard to ensure our mountain is safe.”

The Utah Avalanche Center said the snow powder rush was caused by an avalanche that had come to a halt, while snowflakes in the air continued.

β€œAvalanche debris stopped safely in the Dry Lakes area adjacent to the ski area but the dust cloud carried for hundreds of yards,” the center says.

Power cloud avalanches are when snowflakes suspended in the air move in a state of fluid turbulence, similar to a pyroclastic flow from a volcano.