People are Paying $17 for Hundreds of AI-Generated Headshots

Social media users have started using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to generate professional headshot photos for their Linkedin profiles.

In the last month, a growing number of social media users have revealed how they were able to use AI to create polished and realistic portraits — with some users paying as little as $17 for 100 headshots.

In a viral video posted on March 11, virtual interior designer Crystal D. Bright shared multiple professional studio-quality headshots that she created with a website called “TryitonAI.”


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Bright says she paid $17 for 100 headshots. According to TryitonAI’s website, a customer needs to submit photos of their face to train the AI Model. Within a few days, the customer will receive curated headshots in a number of different settings and styles.

Bright’s video amassed over 1.8 million views and TikTok users were left stunned by the AI-generated headshots. Viewers remarked that the images look like “real” photos and praised the inexpensive and convenient technology.

“Wow, they look great, AI coming for photography jobs too,” a user comments.

Another viewer complimented the natural-looking headshots but lamented the technology: “These are nice but as a professional photographer this makes me sad. I fear our profession is in danger.”

@kellybaums Still have a way to go in the eye department but ill take it. I look f a n c y 💁🏻‍♀️ #greenscreen #aiportrait #aiheadshot ♬ It’s Called: Freefall (Sped Up) – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Other TikTok users also shared the impressive headshots that they generated using the TryitonAI website. Although some commented that the technology was not fool-proof and there were often several poor-quality headshots amongst the 100 images that were provided.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, several social media users shared the professional AI-generated headshots that they created on a similar service called HeadshotPro.

According to HeadshotPro’s website, the company can generate over 120 headshots for a customer for prices starting at $29. Each AI photoshoot includes 3 unique locations as backdrops for the portraits and HeadshotPro offers a fast turnaround of two hours.

The emergence of AI-generated headshot companies reveal how the technology is increasingly disrupting/threatening traditional photography.

Earlier this month, an AI modeling agency that describes itself as a “photo studio” without cameras, real people, or a physical location opened its virtual doors.

There are also other services that offer Professional AI Headshots, like, that delivers high quality headshots in 30 minutes for only $25.

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Image credits: Header photo sourced via TryitonAI.