Photographer Captures ‘Face of Queen Elizabeth II’ in 150ft Wave

face of woman

A photographer says he was left “gobsmacked” after capturing the face of a woman in a huge 150-foot wave during a storm.

Ian Sproat captured 4,000 photos during a 12-hour shoot at Roker Pier in Sunderland, U.K, last weekend. He shared the image on Instagram with the caption, “Could it be the goddess of water Amphitrite or our beloved late Queen Elizabeth?”

He tells PetaPixel that he only realized what he had captured after the fact, “When I got home to check what I had captured I was gobsmacked,” he says. “I saw a clear face of what looked to be a lady’s side profile.”

Sproat had been shooting pictures on his Sony A9 with a 200-600mm G lens attached and a Leofoto tripod.

Speculation about who or what the face is was rife on social media, with Sproat suggesting it could be the goddess of water Amphitrite or possibly the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“I personally believed it was the god of water Amphitrite,” he tells PetaPixel.

face in the waves

Some social media users couldn’t believe it was a real photo but Sproat was adamant saying that it is “100 percent” real and that the “RAW pictures have been analyzed” and “sent to news channels.”

According to the BBC, Sproat didn’t think the picture’s composition was the best but was delighted with it regardless.

He told the Britsh broadcaster that he started photography two years ago to help cope with mental health problems because of the coronavirus lockdown.

“I really struggled through lockdown, it hit so hard and I was really stressed with my business,” he says.

“I needed something where I could get my peace and I found that with photography because you are just in the moment and it takes your mind off of everything else.

“Every day is a challenge and if you don’t get the picture, you know there is always tomorrow to try again. It changed my life, I’m a different person now.”

Sunderland is in the northeast of England an area known for its outstanding coasts and inclement weather.

He regularly shares photos of waves crashing over lighthouses or starry skies over castles on his social media channels.

Last year, PetaPixel reported on a photographer who captured “the face of Poseidon” in stormy waves on Lake Eerie in Canada.

More of Sproat’s work can be found on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image credits: All photos by Ian Sproat.