Add the Dimension of Endurance to Your Digital Pics

Let’s get physical and unlock new levels of photographic enjoyment. The key is online printing. Whether you capture your world with a smartphone or the world’s greatest mirrorless camera, you could be missing one of the biggest thrills—holding your printed images in your hand.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Saal Digital.

Here are three important reasons to print your best work, followed by a few of the many reasons why Saal Digital, a global leader in high-quality printed photo products, is your best source for professional-level printing.

Reveal Full Maximum Image Quality

Viewing photos on your computer monitor is exciting but limited by the platform. And it’s hard to show the world what you can do if the pics never leave the screen.

Posting your best shots for your friends to see is one way, but digital images shared on social media are resized, and their beauty is downgraded from great to ordinary. Instagram, for example, resizes images to a maximum width of 1080 pixels. Social media displays the concept of an image, but not the details. To be best enjoyed, images should be printed on high-quality media by an expert lab.

Share on Physical Media, Not Cyber Vapors

Images shared via email can be more robust, but often the recipient views a pic and then deletes it or files it somewhere never to be seen again. That’s a sorry fate for your stunning pictures. Printing is a better way to share your work. Printed photos make wonderful gifts, too, especially when printed on practical media like calendars, photo books, wall art or posters, to name but a few options.

Saal Digital’s Photo Giftware is an enduring way to memorialize and share tangible records of holidays, family events, employee achievements and things that are special to the special people in your life. Saal Digital offers these and several other popular items: beverage mugs, picture puzzles, shopping tote bags, keychains, sofa cushions, coasters, glass cutting boards, towels, and even doormats.

Images that Endure

We’ve all lost images. Even if you diligently back up your pics to the cloud or redundantly save them on a hard drive, digital images can disappear forever—unless they are printed. Images printed on paper, giftware, greeting cards, etc., can be held in your hand. Printing is the best way to add a dimension of endurance to your digital pics.

Saal Digital for Your Imaging Handiwork

Trust your photography to a lab that consistently performs high-quality, professional work. Saal Digital is one of the leading suppliers of photo products in Europe. They specialize in a broad range of high-quality photo products including Photo Books/Booklets, Photo Prints, Wedding Boxes, Posters, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Wall Decor (Metal Print, Acrylic Glass, PVC Foam Board, GalleryPrint), as well as the many popular Photo Gifts listed above.

Top Quality Photographic Paper from Fujifilm

Saal Digital uses high-level photo paper from Fujifilm. Through their many years of experience in the photographic production arena, Saal Digital is able to provide photo prints with reliable quality and color reproduction at the highest level. Prints are color-fast and long-lasting, and they provide extremely high image stability with pure whites that resist yellowing. Ideal for professional prints, matte, glossy, and silk surface finishes are available.

FineArt Prints on Hahnemühle Paper

FineArt prints, a premium printing category offered by Saal Digital, demands only the finest media. That’s why Saal Digital uses paper manufactured by Hahnemühle, the world-famous German company that traces its roots back to 1584. Saal Digital combines the Hahnemühle Photo Rag and FineArt Baryta papers with high-quality digital printing to produce prints that rightfully can be called masterpieces. Saal Digital also offers Hahnemühle Hemp Natural, Bamboo Natural, and Museum Etching options.

You Deal Directly With the Manufacturer

Rely on Saal Digital. You receive all orders directly from them, assuring faster delivery and seamless communication. And none of the Saal Digital products display a manufacturer’s logo, meaning that the work they do for you truly becomes your own in the eyes of the receiver.

How to Order

Download and install Saal Design Software USA on your Mac or Windows PC. It features a full range of functions and editing options. You can customize your design with clipart, backgrounds, color, and text boxes. Projects can be saved offline for later editing and ordering, if you choose. This is the best online image printing experience for all levels of ardent photographers.

Alternatively, you can visit the Saal Digital online store. Design and then place your order directly from your web browser. You can import photos from Dropbox and Google Drive. Great results with zero hassle.

Mobile photography fans can use the Saal Digital US App for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s convenient and easy. You can complete your creations with just a few steps. Most important of all, you get outstanding results, even with smartphone images.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Saal Digital.