Travel Photographer Raises Thousands for Environmental, Wildlife and Humanitarian Causes

When Scott Cramer of 50/50 Photography travels, camera in hand, he wants to share his love for our planet and every living thing in it, and help make the world a better place.

Over the past 10 years, he has raised thousands of dollars for environmental, humanitarian and wildlife causes by selling fine-art travel prints via his website,, and donating 50 percent of profits to the charities of his customers’ choice.

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Cramer says the concept for 50/50 Photography was born in 2013, inspired by his love for wild places, wildlife, and the people who inhabit wild lands.

“As my life experiences and photography catalog grew, I wanted to use my love and talent for photography to raise money for environmental conservation, wildlife protection, and humanitarian efforts,” he says.

“Selling fine art prints and allowing the purchaser to allocate 50% of the profit to whatever cause they were most passionate about became my business model.”

“Since 2013, I have helped raise thousands of dollars for great causes all over the world through my photography.”

Run and Gun on a Shoestring

Cramer says he got serious about his craft while taking an introductory photography course in college.

“My mother is a fantastic photographer with an unbelievable eye,” he explains. “I realized I had picked up some of her gifts during that course.”

“After university, I traveled extensively for over a decade, and I shot with varying degrees of seriousness and intensity throughout the 2010s.”

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA, Cramer currently lives in Cork County in Ireland. That being said, he doesn’t spend much time there if his travel history and future plans are anything to go by.

A self-proclaimed run-and-gun shoestring traveler, Cramer has backpacked, trekked, volunteered and worked on six continents.

His adventures have seen him complete a 13,000-kilometer bus journey throughout Patagonia and the Andes mountains in South-America, crossing Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail, and hiking and camping 23 US national parks in 40 days.

Cramer says his travel style has strongly influenced his choice of camera gear. Needing to keep weight to a minimum, he mostly carries a micro four-thirds Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera with M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO, 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO and 70mm f/1.8 lenses.

“I like to move fast in the mountains and in life. I don’t want to get bogged down with too much intense planning or the expectations that come with careful planning,” he explains.

“With my approach to travel, my photography style has always been that of a run and gunner.”

“My priority has always been the adventure itself, and I trust the moments to capture will present themselves along the way.”

“I think the images that represent me best are the ones that truly showcase that style… Shots you would think took weeks of planning, patience, and dedication, possibly even returning to a location repeatedly until conditions were perfect.”

“In reality, it’s just everything coming together in one instant for one moment in time, never to be experienced again, in a place I will probably never return to.”

Helping the World, One Print at a Time

Cramer started selling fine-art travel prints in 2013. Since then, his customers have helped him raise thousands of dollars for environmental and humanitarian causes.

While the 50/50 Photography website has always been Cramer’s primary sales channel, the domain is a recent acquisition.

“I always wanted a non-traditional domain,” he says. “But a relative who helped create my site back in 2013 talked me out of it, so I went with”

After putting his business on hold in 2017 and letting his old .com domain lapse, Cramer says discovering the .photography top-level domain was a welcome motivation to reignite his business.

“When I heard about the .photography option this past summer, it just made sense to give it a crack,” he explains.

“Selecting a domain, you just have to be bold and try something new that you are proud of!”

Cramer secured his domain name in June 2022. His new website and products look fantastic, and the website address is easy to remember. But there’s still more to come.

“My next photography project is yet to be decided, but I intend to travel to Banff in Canada, and Gran Canaria, Spain, in February and March 2023. There should be plenty of interesting things to shoot in those locations.”

“As for my business, the next steps are search engine optimization and leveraging social media marketing to increase traffic to my website.”

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