Stunning Nature Photos On Sale to Raise Money for Wildlife Protection

Jim Naughten | Courtesy of Vital Impacts

More than 100 renowned photographers are making their images available in the Vital Impacts Winter Collection sale to raise money to support international conservation efforts.

Vital Impacts is a non-profit organization, which is led by award-winning photographer Ami Vitale and visual journalist Eileen Mignoni, that supports grassroots groups trying to protect people, wildlife, and habitats.

Hannah Le Leu | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Heron Island, Queensland, Australia. A Green Sea Turtle hatchling cautiously surfaces for air to a sky full of hungry birds. Against all odds, this hatchling must battle through the conditions of a raging storm whilst evading a myriad of predators.
Javier Aznar| Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Anup Shah | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Maasai Mara, Kenya. November 2021.

The organization announced its latest sales initiative that features 145 stunning images and composites that capture “both the beauty of nature as well as how we depend on it for our very survival.”

Internationally renowned photographers such as Steve McCurry, Beth Moon, Nick Brandt, and Joe McNally have also contributed photographs to the initiative.

Tim Flach | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Gentoo Penguins Diving.
Jasper Doest | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
A polar bear treks through the snow on an Arctic ridge.
David Doubilet | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
A Galapagos sea lion blasts through a school of salema looking for a meal at Cousins Rock Galapagos Islands.

Dr. Jane Goodall, the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, has contributed exclusive, autographed prints to the Vital Impacts Winter Collection sale.

Nichole Sobeck | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Before his rescue, cheetah cub Freya had been kept in a wood-and-wire cage and was skinny and dehydrated. Now healthy, he loves climbing on logs, sitting on high platforms, and playing with toys.
Steve McCurry | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Doves in front of Mazar-e Sharif’s famous Blue Mosque. Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan 2003.
Shawn Heinrichs | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Christian Vizl | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
In Ecuador on the Galapagos Islands, a playful sea lion is captured rolling on the edge of a cliff at Isabela Island.
Randy Olson | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Brian Skerry | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
A juvenile beluga whale swims beneath the tail of an adult whale in Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island in the Canadian Arctic.

They hope to raise $1 million to support endangered animals and habitats all over the world and sixty percent of the proceeds will be donated to Goodall’s non-profit organization Roots and Shoots and Vital Impacts’ grants and initiatives.

Jody MacDonald | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
This is Rajan, a 66-year-old Asian elephant brought to the Andaman Islands for logging in the 1950s. He and a small group of 10 elephants were forced to learn how to swim in the ocean to help bring the logged trees to nearby barges and then eventually swim onto the next island.
When logging became banned in 2002, Rajan was out of a job. He spent the rest of his days living out an idyllic elephant retirement on one of the islands he helped log.
Dr. Jane Goodall | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
“This photo is of Fifi’s first grandchild, Fax, son of daughter Fanny. It was taken in 1993.”
Marco Ronconi | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Arctic Fox Sleeping.

Furthermore, the organization just announced the Vital Impacts Environmental Photography mentoring and grant program.

Two $20,000 environmental photography grants are available to help support the development of a 12-month-long documentary project on an environmental issue.

The deadline for application is February 7 and will be awarded to two separate photographers who can demonstrate experience and a passion for reporting on topical environmental issues.

Recipients of the grants are required to document a local story rather than having to travel to a different country or region as a way of being more environmentally conscious.

Keith Ladzinski | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Habituated Meerkats photographed at Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa.
Frans Lanting | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Jennifer Hayes | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
A juvenile cowfish swims slowly through the night sea protected by it biological architecture. Indonesia.

There are also 50 mentorship opportunities available to the top 50 applicants of the environmental grant which consists of a monthly class led by leading environmental and photographic experts.

Dr. Jane Goodall | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Fifi cradles her infant son Faustino–August 1990.
Steve Woods | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Andy Parkinson | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
A cygnet, just a few days old, relaxes on the back on its sleeping mother in Derbyshire, UK.
Matt Bagley | Courtesy of Vital Impacts

Vitale, who co-founded Vital Impacts, tells PetaPixel: “Our mission is to use photography to create empathy, awareness, and understanding; to help us see that the survival of the planet is intertwined with our own survival.

“As photographers, we have a huge opportunity to inform and influence change, but pressing the shutter is just the start. For an image to have significance, it needs to
reach people.

Michelle Valberg | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Polar bears from Wapusk National Park in Canada.
Tim Flach | Courtesy of Vital Impacts
Flamingo Reflections.
Suzi Eszterhas | Courtesy of Vital Impacts

“To this end, we are working to get the photographs of Vital Impacts photographers and our mentees into high-profile media and exhibitions around the world.”

More information on the Vital Impacts Winter Collection sale can be found on their website.