Man Takes a Selfie Every Day for 15 Years

A man has taken a selfie every day for 15 years and the result is an astounding age-progression video.

When Jordan Wilson was just 13 years old, he decided to take a photo of himself every day.

Remarkably, for the next 15 years of his life, Wilson captured a photograph of himself, in the same pose, from the same angle and distance, every single day.

Even as a teenager, Wilson says he always remembered to take a daily photo when he was away from home or on holiday.

The final product is a stunning stop-motion video that Wilson began on December 25, 2007, and goes all the way up to December 25, 2022.

It reveals the slow passage of time and shows how Wilson gradually aged from a boy aged 13 years and five months to a 28-year-old man today in an enthralling way.

Wilson shared the age-progression video on Reddit. He says he had to play around with various software to create the video.

Wilson explains that he “spent ages playing around with a program called Affign” but it did not work for him as the “images aligned but the whole video was about 5 degrees rotated.”

“[I] ended up using DaVinci Resolve (free video editing software) to make the video itself,” Wilson writes.

“It has a timelapse stabilization option built into it, and that’s what’s in the video.”

Reddit users were astounded by Wilson’s patience and dedication to the photo project, especially considering he was a teenager when he started it.

“This is impressive! I don’t think I could’ve started something like this in my teens and commit to it so rigidly,” a Reddit user writes.

Meanwhile, others wished that they had committed to taking a daily photo of themselves too.

“It’s something that I wish I would have because it would be so fascinating to see but never would have,” another Reddit user comments.

Photo-a-day selfie time-lapses are a popular concept but only a few photographers have tirelessly committed to them for over a decade.

PetaPixel previously reported on photographer Noah Kalina who has shot a selfie every day for 20 years.

Kalina has faithfully photographed his face once a day starting from January 11, 2000.