Videographer Films Moment Grizzly Bear Kill Moose During Wedding

A videographer filmed the extraordinary moment a grizzly bear kills a moose during a wedding.

Event videographer Stanton Giles was filming a couple’s wedding ceremony on the shore of Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana, U.S. on August 18.

The groom had nearly finished reading his vows when a grizzly bear charged out of the brush onto the north shore and attacked a moose calf as its mother looked on.

The wedding party had spotted the moose and calf 10 minutes before moving briskly through the forest further up the mountain. Giles believes the grizzly bear must have been chasing them for at least a little bit.

However, the grizzly bear then proceeded to attack and kill the moose in front of the stunned wedding party for the next few minutes — briefly halting the ceremony.

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The viral clip has amassed over 41.6 million views across social media.

‘Craziest Thing to Happen at a Wedding’

Destination wedding videographer Giles, who runs his own business Films by Stanton, describes the wild wedding experience in another video on his YouTube channel.

“Since I became a videographer, I’ve seen some pretty crazy things and I’ve been to some really cool places. But none of that is as crazy as when I saw a grizzly bear kill a moose at a wedding,” Giles says.

“The grizzly bear chased the moose off the mountain and down to the shore of the lake while the groom was saying his vows.”

Giles, from Denver, Colorado, says he did not capture this particular moment on camera because he was filming the groom at this point and was focusing on the task at hand.

However, the videographer could not help but be distracted by the incredible sight of the grizzly bear and the moose right before his eyes. But Giles made sure to film the ceremony until the groom had read his vows.

“Torn between being a National Geographic filmmaker and a wedding videographer, I held my camera on the groom until he finished his vows,” Giles recalls.

After that, the videographer promptly told the couple and the guests that a grizzly bear was killing a moose in front of them.

The couple and the guests were immediately enraptured by the spectacle and watched the animals in the wild.

“You can’t deny how crazy it is to see something this crazy in nature, much less at a wedding,” Giles says.

“This was such a wild and incredible experience that even now we are in awe,” the groom David Atchison writes in a comment. “We chose to elope in the heart of nature at Glacier and knew what we were getting into.”

“Always respect nature and wildlife. We’re thankful everyone is safe, and Stanton was able to capture this or no one would ever believe us!”

More of Giles’ work can be seen on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Patreon, Facebook, and his website.

Image credits: Featured Image from video by Stanton Giles/ Films by Stanton