Drone Footage Shows the Extent of the Devastating Floods in Kentucky

Remarkable 4K drone footage filmed in southeast Kentucky this morning shows the extent of the damage caused by flooding.

Several people are believed to have died in the wake of the floods that has also caused power outages. Today rescue workers have plucked people off rooftops as fast-rising waters took hold of areas in central Appalachia.

The footage, filmed by WXChasing, shows homes with water up to the roof even after the floods had receded several feet.

A further video posted to the YouTube Channel, which documents mother nature’s most extreme weather, shows the town of Garret, Kentucky which is described as “entirely underwater and where people are still being rescued.

President Biden has been briefed on the Kentucky flooding with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reading: “Our hearts go out to the people of the South, of South-Western Kentucky which is experiencing considerable flash flooding that has taken the lives of multiple people,” Jean-Pierre says.

“FEMA Administrator [Deanne] Criswell spoke to Kentucky Governor Beshear this morning and committed to providing support from the federal government,” she says.

“We are grateful for the heroic work of first responders and would urge everyone impacted in impacted areas to please listen to their state and local officials and follow their guidance,” she adds.

This rainfall, and subsequent flooding, has created a sharp contrast across the state between absolutely no drought in the north and extreme drought across the southern portion of the state.

More rain is on the way in Eastern Kentucky, meteorologists say, after flooding ripped through the region Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Brandon Bonds, a Jackson meteorologist, said more additional storms could be coming to the area over the weekend after more than six inches of rain fell in some parts of the region just hours earlier.

Governor of Kentucky Andy Beshear announced the deaths but grimly predicted the state’s death toll could reach double digits. He said hundreds of properties could be destroyed.

“In a word, this event is devastating,” the governor tells Associated Press (AP).

“And I do believe it will end up being one of the most significant, deadly floods that we have had in Kentucky in at least a very long time.”

More of WXChasing’s work can be seen on their website and YouTube.