Baby Foxes Find GoPro and Play With It, Adorable Footage Ensues

A group of adorable fox cubs found and started playing with a wildlife photographer’s GoPro, footage that was captured thanks to its motion detection feature.

Nature photographer Victor Čech from Martin, Slovakia, was surprised to find his GoPro Hero 9 Black had been moved from where he’d placed it after he was out making a vlog about the foxes.

After reviewing the footage, Čech found three minutes of pure gold where the adorable pups playfully discover the camera and start hitting it around akin to how a child would play with a ball. The footage offers a pure and unfettered look into the private world of wild fox cubs as they repeatedly gnaw and paw at the alien device.

Speaking to PetaPixel, Čech explains how the motion detection feature from GoPro labs allowed him to capture the heart-warming footage.

“I set up the GoPro to try and capture the foxes and then 15 minutes after sunset, the foxes appeared and started playing and chasing each other. They also discovered my GoPro,” explains Čech.

“I use a GoPro Hero 9 and firmware from GoPro labs with motion detection, [and] it works very well.”

Čech has been photographing wild animals since 2009 but he began to use videos only last year and experiment with different views.

The 37-year-old has known about that particular fox spot for two years and says the area of Tueric in the Central European country of Slovakia is rich in fauna.

“There are at least 300 species of mammals and birds. The aim of the turiecfoto website is to bring you closer to the mysterious life of these inhabitants, the mountains of Mala national park and Velka Fatra, meadows and waters.”

Passionate about Wildlife

Čech, who is adamantly against hunting, uses a Canon 7D Mark II with a Canon 100-400mm II to shoot pictures of the diverse wildlife in his local area. This includes brown bears, muskrats, teddy bear dogs, roe deer, woodpeckers, golden eagles, voles, snakes, and salamanders.

Čech explains why he loves nature, “it’s wild, its evolving, not stable and always changing.”

GoPro cameras and animals seem to go hand-in-hand, earlier this month PetaPixel featured a GoPro video from inside an alligator’s mouth, as well as a cheeky parrot who stole a tourist’s action camera.

You can see more of Čech’s work by visiting his website and his Instagram.