Patient Photographer Dressed in Camouflage Captures Fighting Foxes

Two foxes fighting
Two rural foxes battling it out in the English countryside.

A photographer dressed in camouflage craftily captured a series of intense fox fights over food and territory.

Will Parkinson says he has “spent years” hiding in bushes waiting for wildlife to appear in his native U.K.

“On many occasions [I have] seen nothing!” The nature photographer tells PetaPixel.

However, Parkinson’s patience and hard work paid off when he captured incredible photos of foxes engaged in battle.

Foxes fighting

Foxes fighting

“The location I frequent is known for intense skirmishes among the fox population, as they vie for food and territorial dominance,” he explains.

“In the months of June and July, the presence of cubs amplifies the squabbles, as they attempt to pilfer food from other parent foxes.”

Foxes fighting

Parkinson says that people are shocked when they see the brutal images of the vulpines but stresses that it looks worse than it is.

“It is important to note that such altercations are a normal occurrence among foxes, and they typically emerge unharmed from these encounters,” he says.

Camouflaged Fox Photographer

Parkinson is a dedicated wildlife photographer and was using his Nikon D5 and 500mm lens to capture the “essence” of newly-born fox cubs — but that’s not what he documented.

Foxes fighting

“To my delight, each visit to the location proved fortuitous, granting me the opportunity to witness multiple fights,” he says.

“During the process of capturing these images, my utmost priority is to achieve the finest possible photographs without causing any disturbance to the subjects I photograph.

“To achieve this, I employ various techniques such as wearing camouflage or utilizing a photo blind to conceal myself from the animals.”

Camouflaged photographer
Will Parkinson in his camouflage clothing.

Foxes are a common sight in urban areas of the U.K. — particularly in London where they can be easily photographed. But they are far less visible in the country.

“This can be attributed to their regular interactions with people and their reliance on scavenging food from bins,” explains Parkinson.

“Conversely, in rural regions, foxes tend to be more timid and elusive. Therefore, utilizing camouflage becomes essential in such settings.”


More of Parkinson’s work can be found on his Instagram, website, and Facebook.

Image credits: All photos by Will Parkinson.