This Studio On Wheels is Filled with Apple Gear and Costs $324,000+

For big-time creatives with a similarly-sized budget, the pinnacle in mobile, off-grid living has arrived: the Living Vehicle Creative Studio.

LV Creative Studio desk

Developed in the maelstrom of remote work, the LV Creative Studio cuts no corners. It’s essentially a combined portable office and apartment that is ready to travel wherever a full-sized pickup can tow it.

Powered by the company’s proprietary LVenergy system, it harvests enough power to supply the unit’s many needs. It does so from an array of sources: solar, alternator, shore, and generator. Designed in Santa Barbara, California, it is ideally suited to sunny locales, especially if parked far from the electrical grid.

The good life. Photo: Living Vehicle

The Creative Studio Option

The LV Creative Studio’s other top tech asset is the new Mac Studio option. Loaded with the latest from Apple, any computer-reliant professional will have what they need onboard.

“The Living Vehicle Creative Studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology from Apple,” the company says. “These products allow modern professionals, who are heavily reliant on powerful hardware, to perform their job at a high level, and to do so from anywhere.”

It is also equipped with Genelec’s “The Ones” ultra-nearfield studio monitors, a wired headsets by Beyer Dynamic, and Logitech’s 4K Pro Magnetic webcam.

Living Vehicle says it is the only off-grid trailer with the power and included devices that are necessary to run a technologically reliant business from anywhere without compromising on equipment or location.

The bed/desk

The monitors are mounted to a wall that conveniently disappears as the queen bed folds, so users can effectively leave the office when work is done for the day.

living studio trailer

Other comfort features include an entertainment system, air conditioning, and a washing machine.

Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle trailer

As for the trailer itself, it proves road-ready right out of the gates. The LV 2022 unit is available at three price tiers, but the top-end Pro model features a PRO-HD frame and running gear and weighs in at 18,000 pounds.

On the road, it keeps haulers safe thanks to electric-hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels. When parked, automatic four-point leveling maintains balance.

Additional Photos

Here are some more views of the inside and outside of the studio trailer:

Pricing and Availability

The full price of a Living Vehicle trailer will keep most people in the conventional office and home: base prices for the 2022 Living Vehicle begin at $299,995. All orders are custom manufactured with a 10 to 12-month lead time. The LV Creative Studio Mac equipment upgrade also adds an amount to that hefty price: it begins at $23,995 and may be configured up or down based on selected equipment. The full-size truck that is required to tow it is also not included.