Samsung Explains How It Will Integrate Photo NFTs into its 2022 TVs

Samsung TV NFT Integration

In January, Samsung announced that its 2022 televisions would add support for NFTs, including a way to allow its users to browse, buy, sell, and display them. Today, it revealed this process will work in its partnership with NFT auction site Nifty Gateway.

Nifty Gateway says that it is working with Samsung to develop the first-ever smart TV NFT platform that allows users to explore, purchase, and trade “digital art and collectibles.” Nifty Gateway is now integrated with Samsung’s NFT platform in the 2022 lineup of QLED and Neo QLED TVs, and is available as an app on the company’s Micro LED and The Frame series displays.

In a presentation, Samsung explains that the integration of NFTs is designed to work in its televisions’ ambient mode. In addition to more traditional offerings like classic paintings or family photos, Samsung is allowing users to add NFTs of photos or artwork they own into the mix.

The video below is timestamped to the portion of the presentation related to NFTs.

“NFTs open up a totally new market. Anyone can purchase artwork from trendy artists and up-and-coming creatives,” Samsung says. “Ambient mode will offer a one-stop NFT platform that allows you to explore, purchase, and display digital art.”

The partnership with Nifty Gateway is designed to make it simple to buy, sell, create, and hold NFTs. Nifty Gateway says that Samsung customers will have access to more than 6,000 NFT art pieces through the partnership.

“We are committed to making NFTs accessible and NFT purchasing more seamless than ever before,” Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder, of Nifty Gateway says.

“With our mission in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Samsung to develop a groundbreaking NFT collecting experience. Their dedication to user experience and focus on the highest quality displays aligns perfectly with our vision to allow anyone, anywhere, to interact with their favorite creators.”

The two companies have also highlighted the accuracy of Samsung displays as a major selling point for displaying NFT art. The TVs will “optimize the settings for a faithful rendering of the artist’s intention.”

Because it uses the ambient mode, the artwork would only display when no active content — such as a television show, movie, or video game — is being played. Basically, the NFTs would be a glorified screen saver, but the integration to purchase NFTs in a way that doesn’t require owning any cryptocurrency could make their widespread adoption more likely.

That is of course, what Nifty Gateway and Samsung likely hope.

Image credits: Header image by Samsung.