Five Female Timelapse Photographers You Should Know

Although timelapse is a genre still largely dominated by men, these five talented women are worthy of your attention, especially today on International Women’s Day.

In his latest video, Madrid-based photographer Mattia Bicchi shared five women timelapse photographers he wanted to celebrate and highlight for their talent and creativity. Bicchi is a professional timelapse and hyperlapse photographer himself and regularly shares his work from all around the world.

Bicchi noted that he doesn’t know very many women who participate in the timelapse genre and hopes that more will feel encouraged and inspired to join the community and share their work. Below are five women timelapsers whose talent shouldn’t be missed.

Cindy Wu

Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Wu shoots a mix of city and landscapes. Her work predominantly features vibrant colors, like a sun-lit timelapse of moonsets — the descent of the moon below the horizon — in Los Angeles, and a detailed Milky Way timelapse in Death Valley.


On her Instagram, Wu writes that 2021 was her first full year of shooting timelapses.

“Comet Neowise marked the beginning of my photo journey and by the end of 2020, I was completely captivated by the art of timelapse,” she writes. “Feel so fortunate to have been able to fully immerse myself and learn more of this craft in 2021 — it’s been an absolute blast.”

Katerine Giannikos

Originally from South Africa and now based in Boise, Idaho, Giannikos is a photographer fascinated with timelapse and hyperlapse work. She showcases the beauty of Idaho in her work; from its rugged mountains to picturesque seasonal changes featuring colorful fall foliage, and cityscapes of local landmarks.


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“Having the time and patience, praying for the perfect weather conditions, editing all the photos, and then watching the end result of something so simple turned into something so magical makes the work so much more rewarding,” she writes about her work.

Rachel Jones Ross

Ross is a photographer, educator, and Sony Alpha ambassador based in Banff, Canada. Ross works under the brand Astralis photography which from Latin translates to “of a star” or “revealed by the stars,” representing her love for the night sky.

Alongside astrophotography and mountain landscapes, Ross shoots captivating timelapses and teaches others how to do it as well. Ever since she learned how to photograph Milky Way for the first time, she has been enthralled by the beauty of the sky.

“Looking at the back of my camera that night was like pulling back a curtain and peering into the universe; I was so enraptured with that image of the Milky Way that I bought my first full-frame camera the next day,” Ross says about her first experience.

Linda van Rosmalen

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, van Rosmalen is a landscape and timelapse photographer as well as physicist. Her work features dramatic landscapes across Arizona, brightly lit by sunsets, illuminated by lightning during a monsoon season, or with a bright starry sky as a background.

Last year, van Rosmalen took part in “the Great Milky Way Chase 2” competition which encouraged photographers to shoot as many nights of Milky Way in one month as possible. She managed to shoot all 24 times — the most that was possible during the competition dates.

Autumn Schrock

Also a Sony Alpha ambassador, Schrock is a photographer and designer who grew up in rural Indiana but fell in love with shooting landscapes when she moved to Washington, spending as much time in the mountains as she could. Now, Schrock is based in Utah and offers a variety of landscape and astrophotography workshops, including Northern Lights shooting in Norway.

Schrock embraces all things outdoors and alongside her visual storytelling, offers yoga sessions and retreats, particularly for photographers and videographers. She also has a free astrophotography guide that details the process from start to finish.