Hasselblad Adds New Features to Phocus and Phocus Mobile

Hasselblad has released updates for Phocus and Phocus Mobile that bring an array of new features to the apps including a heavily requested Focus Bracketing tool.

The new 3.6 update for Phocus on desktop — for both macOS and PC — brings some new features that expand the creative post-production options for medium format photographers including Focus Bracketing, a Film Grain tool, and Adaptive Chromatic Aberration correction. These new features add to the software’s current list of toolsets that accompany the first-party RAW processing engine for Hasselblad cameras. Phocus already let photographers shoot tethered with full camera control and live view functionality and offered editing features that include adjustment layers and Hasselblads Natural Color Solution tools.

Focus Bracketing

With Phocus 3.6, photographers can now create focus bracketing sets while tethered via additional functionality in the Capture Sequencer tool. As the video above details, this new feature supports the X, H, and 907X cameras.

New Film Grain Tool

The new Film Grain tool brings what Hasselblad bills as a highly flexible simulation of film grain options to photographs. Included in this update are three different types of film grain simulation with the ability to change the amount, granularity, roughness, and color for each one.

Adaptive Chromatic Aberration

The updated Adaptive Chromatic Aberration option now makes corrections of lens chromatic aberration based on image analysis rather than theoretical data, which is the method that the application previously used. This new method will also allow for the correction of chromatic aberration in images shot on third-party lenses.

Phocus Mobile 2 Update 1.2

The updated Phocus Mobile 2 app will give Hasselblad shooters the ability to take their image editing process out in the field with a fully portable workflow for the X1D II 50C and 907X systems. The updated app gives you the ability to import, rate, and now edit both RAW and full quality JPEG images directly on the photographer’s device. Additionally, Phocus Mobile 2 also supports full quality image exports, direct camera control, and tethered shooting.

Additionally, the 1.2 update adds a new Defringe tool to remove purple and green fringing, allows JPEG images to be edited, added support for simultaneous capture to both SD card and iPad, grants full synchronization of camera white balance, and makes a few general UI and system improvements.

Photographers can download these free applications on either the Phocus or Phocus Mobile websites immediately.