This Lens Filter Survived a 100 Foot Drop onto Concrete Nearly Unscathed

Kolari Vision has announced a new UV Protection Lens Filter that is so tough, it can survive a fall from 135 feet (41m), which the company proves in the video above.

As can be seen, the filter survives the drop with what looks like nothing more than a minor scuff on the surface of the glass. The company says the UV protection filter is built with premium ultra-thin, ultra-strong Corning Gorilla Glass, that is “more than two times stronger than Schott B270 glass to direct impacts, and more resistant to scratches for better lens protection, all while also boasting a high internal transmission and lower refractive index than Schott B270 for sharper images.”

While typical glass can break from heights of just five feet, the Kolari Vision Pro UV Protection Filter appears to be able to survive drops from twenty times that distance. It is always debatable how much a lens filter of any kind actually protects your lens, but if one had to choose between filter glass that shatters from a simple short drop versus one that can survive a 100 foot or more fall, the stronger one is a far more compelling choice.

“The UV filter is optically engineered to be incredibly transparent with over 99% transmission and low reflection while cutting UV at 415nm, a strong cutoff point designed for digital-based on our analysis of hundreds of modern cameras. We topped off the perfect glass with 36 layers of premium coatings to make the glass incredibly transparent and low reflection while making the already durable glass water, oil, and scratch-resistant,” the company claims.

AR/AS coated for easy cleaning increased durability, and reduced reflections.

The filters are also housed in a precision-made slim brass frame that leads to less vignetting and a smoother installation than aluminium. The filter ring has a high friction knurling added to it providing an easier grip while wearing gloves or bare-handed regardless of weather situation. The company states the brass material will reduce instances of cross-threading and jams.

Even though most manufacturers will state that their UV filters are not meant to protect your lens against impact damage, especially not with a fall from 100 feet or more, this particular filter from Kolari Vision might be a one that is actually capable of doing so, even if it’s just for adding a tough layer between your lens’s front element to block scratches or scuffs.

The Kolari Vision Pro UV Cut Protective Filters starts at $65 for the 49mm and ranges as much as $105 for it’s largest 82mm thread size.