Photos of Dancers Blending Into London Architecture

Shapes Of The City is a project by London photographer Luke Agbaimoni that explores visual interactions between the architecture and art of London and the medium of dance and yoga.

“It celebrates the huge variety of shapes and patterns that we experience as we travel through the city,” Agbaimoni writes.

Each of the photos in the series features one or more people posing in a way that reflects the location, whether it’s an art piece right next to a dancer or whether it’s a massive architectural masterpiece looming large in the background.

Twisted Delivery. Sculpture Alphabet Spaghetti at Latimer Road. “Dancer Andreya twists and makes a complimentary pose next to sculptor Alex Chinneck’s ‘alphabetti spaghetti’ knotted post box. You can find this just outside Latimer Road station.”
Having a Blast. Cannon at Old Royal Navy College, Greenwich. “Andreya jumps so she looks like she’s been fired out of this 18th Century Turkish cannon at the Greenwich Old Royal Naval College.”
Dance of the Commuter. Holborn Station. “Sometimes the journey to work is like a long laborious dance. Here we played with the idea of being tired and slouching on the way to work.”
Crossing Lines. Piccadilly Circus Station. “There are lots of shapes to discover in the city of London. A good place to start is the London Underground where its full of interesting angles and patterns. Andreya (@andreya0820) & I attempted a visual continuation of the powerful leading lines from these tiles at Piccadilly Circus Station.”
Stuck In A Loop. The London Eye. “Fun photo of the London Eye with dancer Andreya. It was difficult getting the jump exactly in the middle, but well worth the effort.”
Between Kisses. Coal Drop Yards, Kings Cross. “Ballerina Romana embraces the shape of the kissing roofs of the 2 joined Victorian sheds at Coal drop yards in Kings Cross.”
Pointe at Buses. Vauxhall Bus Station
Dancing In Circles. The Circle, Bermondsey. “Andreya matches the diagonal balcony lines of The Circle building in Bermondsey.”
Split. Bascule Bridge, Shadwell Basin

Agbaimoni is also the photographer behind Tube Mapper, a project that aims to document all of London’s tube, overground, and DLR stations.

You can find more of the Shapes Of the City project on its website, Twitter, and Instagram.