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GoPro Unveils Quik, a Relaunch and Rebrand of its Mobile App


GoPro has totally revamped its mobile app into a wholly new experience called Quik. The app still can control and manage GoPro cameras, but the company has expanded the interface to work with photos and videos from any camera on the market and has aspirations of being a cloud-storage competitor.

Quik is now a storage, organization, editing, and control application. While you are still limited to only controlling GoPro devices, storing, organizing, and editing photos and videos is open to all devices, and actively encouraged.

GoPro says Quik will make it quick and easy to get the most out of your photos and videos regardless of what device they were captured on. The goal of the app is to address what GoPro says is a “black hole” problem with camera rolls, and get rid of an issue where you never quite know where a photo or video clip is. GoPro says that you can quickly (hence the app name) share to Quik any image or video that already exists in your phone’s camera roll, text message threads, or anywhere that can be navigated to from your device really and it will be added to what GoPro calls a “Mural” in the Quik app.

“If you share multiple photos or videos at once to Quik, they’ll be grouped together as an event and the app will produce a compilation highlight video beat-synced to music—which you can adjust to your liking, if desired,” GoPro explains.

Quik supports unlimited photo and video import from any camera or phone, including GoPro devices or full-size cameras. Additionally, all the photos and videos that are uploaded to Quik are automatically backed up at original quality once the backup feature launches at a later date.

GoPro says that you can create “impressive” music-synced videos by selecting photos and videos you want to include and the app will automatically edit them into a timeline. Those clips and photos can then be synced to royalty-free tracks that GoPro curates in-house, or you can use your own music choices.

Quik has “intuitive” single and multi-clip video editing options along with a limited set of adjustment tools like exposure, contrast, color, and vibrance. You can also add text and “stickers” to videos from the editing interface. Additionally, GoPro has included a speed ramping tool that allows you to speed up or slow down (all the way to freeze-frame) at multiple points within a video. You can also extract a photo still image from any video.

And of course, the app has easy social sharing features built-in for popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

All these features don’t come free, and Quik has a few different ways to subscribe. You can get the app’s full set of features for either $2 a month or $10 a year, and both include unlimited cloud backup of photos at original quality once the backup feature is released. At the time of publication, it was not clear when the unlimited cloud backup for all cameras would be available. It appears that unlimited backup and storage of footage captured on a GoPro is supported at launch for GoPro Subscribers.

Speaking of GoPro Subscribers, those who already pay the $50 per year get all the benefits of the Quik subscription but also up to $100 off three new GoPro cameras per year, up to 50% off accessories at GoPro.com, high-quality live streaming from a GoPro to a GoPro premium streaming platform, and guaranteed damaged camera replacement.

Basically, GoPro Subscribers just got a huge boost to the value proposition of the subscription with the launch of Quik.

As a note, the app is free to download because the ability to control your GoPro is still part of Quik and the company isn’t charging you extra to access this feature.

You can download Quik for both iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play starting today.