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Drone Captures Flock of Geese From Rare Overhead Angle


While incredible sweeping overhead shots of migrating birds is a must-have for wildlife documentaries on Discovery or Netflix, it’s rare to be able to capture those angles otherwise. Photographer Mark Zakurikan managed to do so with a drone and the footage is beautiful.

Geese are a common sight in North America as they travel north to south and back again, depending on the season. Some of the flocks can be truly enormous, though it’s hard to appreciate their scale from the ground.

In the video footage shown above, Zakurikan captures a few solid minutes of the large flock of geese which, without sound, is mesmerizingly peaceful. This is a bit unusual for anyone familiar with flocks of geese as they are usually quite loud as the birds communicate with one another in formation.

Sometimes geese fly high in the air, but often they cruise relatively low to the ground, which gave Zakurikan the unique opportunity of recording them via a drone without disturbing them. At the beginning of the video, you can clearly see that the geese are flying what appears to be less than 50 feet in the air, allowing Zakurikan to fly high above them for a majestic wide-angle view without breaking drone flying height restrictions.

If you rather watch this video on Instagram, a shorter version is available there:

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(via Laughing Squid)