6 Editorial Self-Portraits to Shoot at Home

Lake Tahoe-based photographer Tajreen Hedayet made this short, sweet, and inspiring 2-minute video tutorial on six different editorial self-portraits you can try shooting at home if you’re looking for a way to exercise your creative muscles.

“The object of editorial photography is to tell a story or convey a feeling in a creative or artistic way,” Tajreen writes. “This is opposed to commercial photography which is more direct or basic, and usually meant to sell a product or show the subject off (i.e. headshots).

“The goal of this kind of photography is not necessarily to ‘feature’ the subject, but use the subject to convey a mood or as part of a bigger scene.”

Here are the six different concepts shared in the tutorial:

#1: Shadow Play

#2: Color Pop

#3: Half-Turned Chair

#4: Movement

#5: Through Greenery

#6: Close-up

To hear the ideas behind these concepts and Tajreen’s tips for executing each one, watch the video above.

You can also find more of Tajreen’s work on her website and her Tajreen&Co YouTube channel.