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This is What Comet NEOWISE Looks Like from the ISS


As photographers across the world are trying their hands at shooting Comet NEOWISE before it’s gone for the next 6,000 years, astronauts onboard the ISS have a nice view of the comet that isn’t obscured by Earth’s atmosphere. Here’s a 7-minute real-time video showing what NEOWISE looks like from about 254 miles above our planet’s surface.

Seán Doran of the UK made this video by taking time-lapse photography captured by astronauts from the ISS and turning it into this real-time video.

After days as a naked-eye object in the night sky, NEOWISE passed as close to Earth (64.3 million miles or 103.5 million km) as it will on July 22nd. It has been noticeably fading, though, and it may be difficult now to get a look at it without the aid of something like a telescope or camera.