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Photographer Illustrates the Dos and Don’ts of Portraits


Bonnie Rodríguez is on a mission to help people shoot better portraits. The photographer and photography educator has attracted a following of over 745,000 followers on Instagram by regularly sharing side-by-side examples of what you should and shouldn’t do when photographing people.

The 33-year-old Miami-based fashion photographer (who has an MFA in photography) shares her content for both photographers and ordinary people who are interested in looking more photogenic in pictures.

Here are some of the tip diptychs she has shared:

Create levels by placing one leg ahead of the other.
Practice in front of the mirror to feel the level indicated for you.⁣
Make triangles with your body.
Triangles and a smaller waist.
Find things to do with your hands.
Tilt your face slightly to the side to define your jaw.
Touch something that’s around. In this case, a balcony.
Use your pockets. This can relax your shoulders.
Bring couples closer and create triangles.
Stand on tippy-toes to lengthen the body.
If you have a size difference between subjects, having one take a step back can make them look more balanced.
Tilt your body to the side and create lines.
Take a step forward and a step back to create movement.

You can find more of Rodríguez’s tips and content on her Instagram, Beacons, and YouTube.

(via @bonnierzm via Insider)

Image credits: Photographs by Bonnie Rodríguez and used with permission