This Photographer is Creating ‘Nature’ Photos with Household Things

Erin Sullivan is a travel photographer who spends much of her time shooting in the great outdoors. But when COVID-19 quarantines forced her to stay at home, Sullivan decided to flex her creative muscles with a new project titled Our Great Indoors.

The Los Angeles-based photographer began finding various things around the house — often food — and creating tiny “outdoor” scenes on her bed and on tabletops. Placing tiny model train figures into the scenes helped complete the look and illusion.

Sullivan tells My Modern Met that after coming up with an idea, it takes 10-60 minutes to set it up and then another 30-60 to photograph it.

Here are some of the “nature” photos Sullivan has created so far:

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos showing what these small-scale shoots look like:

You can find more of Sullivan’s work on her website and Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Erin Sullivan and used with permission