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Little Boy Can’t Stop Laughing at the Sound of a Camera Shutter


An adorable video is making the rounds today, showing a little boy who is absolutely thrilled by the sound of his dad’s DSLR. Each time he presses the shutter button he giggles uncontrollably, and it’s hard not to smile alongside him.

The video was captured by the little boy’s dad, amateur photographer Jason Rouch Jr, from Palmer, Alaska. Eager to share some of the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness with his boy, the two went exploring, but Rouch found that his son was much more interested in the sounds coming from his Nikon D7000.

“As Alaskans, we thoroughly enjoy getting out and adventuring,” Rouch told ViralHog. “As a hobbyist photographer, I’m always trying to capture the best moments, but my son wanted his share of the adventure.”

If you need a chuckle, or a short break from all of the disappointing or frightening news coming at us on a daily basis, check out the video up top. It’s (almost) guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

(via Daily Mail)