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Fujifilm Will Give Thirty Students Up to $3,000 of Gear Each to Tell Their Story


Fujifilm has just announced the beginning of its “Students of Storytelling” competition, a twist on the traditional photo/video contest where students submit proposals, and Fuji gives them the gear they need to bring their vision to life. When they’re done, they get to keep the gear!

The contest is aimed at full- or part-time college students in the US (except Florida), and the concept is simple. Interested participants must submit an idea that is “designed to tell a cohesive “story” of a human- or life-related experience, event, challenge, objective, relationship(s), approach, passion, and/or interest that may be depicted and effectively communicated through photographic images or video.”

Your submission can be shared in photos, video, or text, and all proposals must be in by May 31st.

Once all of the submissions are in, Fujifilm’s panel of judges will evaluate everyone’s proposed story and select 30 winners, all of whom will get to pick up to $3,000 worth of Fuji X- or GFX system gear to use in bringing their story to life. Each winner will also be provided with a personal hashtag and profile page on Fuji’s Create Forever webpage, where you and I can follow the progress of their story.

The contest is part of Fuji’s Create Forever content series, which shares the story of five select Fujifilm photographers, and it came about because Fuji wanted to expand this opportunity to people who are at the start of their creative journey.

“Everyone has a story to tell and we want to help tell it,” said Victor Ha, director of marketing at Fuji North America. “We are doing this is because we want to focus on a key group of people that are often times not given enough opportunities to be heard, and it’s become important for us to create opportunities for them to bring their stories out for the world to see.”

To learn more about the contest, read the full contest rules (seriously, Florida residents are not eligible), or submit your proposal, head over to Fuji’s Students of Storytelling landing page. And if you aren’t a student but you want to follow their progress once all 30 winners are picked, you can do so over on Create-Forever.com