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iFixit Tears Down the Galaxy S20 Ultra to Reveal Huge 108MP Sensor and ‘Folded’ Lens


iFixit has posted their teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: a smartphone that boasts, at least spec-wise, the most impressive camera array on the market. This thing is a beast, and iFixit is giving us our first look at the 108MP sensor behind its main camera module, and the folded optics behind its 4x optical zoom.

The camera assembly in this thing is massive, and once it’s removed from the motherboard, iFixit set about actually cracking open the two most interesting sensors of the bunch: the 108MP ISOCELL Bright HM1, and the folded periscope optics that allow the telephoto lens to achieve 4x optical zoom and 100x with a whole lot of digital help.

You can see both of these components in the images below:

All four camera modules inside the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Credit: iFixit
A look at the S20 Ultra’s massive 108MP sensor, which boasts more than twice the surface area of the iPhone 11 Pro’s main 12MP sensor. Credit: iFixit
A peek inside the folded optics behind the S20 Ultra’s 4x optical zoom. Credit: iFixit

One of the biggest call-outs from the teardown of the cameras is just how large the 108MP sensor is (or, rather, has to be…). It covers over double the surface area of the iPhone 11 Pro’s primary image sensor, though each individual pixel is still smaller, given the sheer number of them.

Also notable is that the prism inside the folded zoom lens actually has its own stabilizer, which iFixit helpfully demonstrates in the video up top.

It’s safe to say that this particular teardown gives us a look at the most advanced smartphone camera hardware currently on the market, so check out the full video up top. And if you want to read all of the takeaways and see more photos of the impressive tech Samsung’s packed inside its latest flagship smartphone, head over to iFixit.

Image credits: All photos by iFixit and used with permission.