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Adobe’s New Gmail Add-On Makes It Easier to Share Your Work Over Email


Adobe has partnered with Google to release its very own Gmail add-on: a basic but useful tool that will make it much easier to share files from Photoshop or Lightroom over email… assuming, of course, that you use Gmail as your email client.

The add-on, which you can find and install at this link, has two main uses: attaching CC files to an email without leaving Gmail, and saving email attachments that you’ve received directly to your Creative Cloud. The only caveat is that the add-on (currently) only supports public links, so you’ll have to set any assets you wish to share through the add-on to “public” before you can attach them.

Limitations aside, the add-on is pretty straightforward to use. If you want to attach a Creative Cloud file to an email, simply click on the CC icon in the composition window, sign in to your Adobe account, and you can attach any public links to Synced files, Libraries, or Mobile creations that you’ve saved to the cloud.

To save attachments to your Creative Cloud, simply open the email containing the files, click on the CC icon in the sidebar, and select the files you want to save by using the sliders next to each filename. The only limitation is file size, which is currently capped at 100MB.

To learn more about this new add-on, head over to the Adobe blog or click here to download and install it for yourself. For frequent users of Photoshop and Lightroom, this should make it that much easier to share files and projects, eliminating a few clicks along the way.

(via Engadget)