New York City Photographed as an ‘Urban Quilt’

After spending years photographing the Chicago skyline for project Urban Quilt, photographer Angie McMonigal has more recently turned her attention to New York City. Her abstract photos compress the diverse architecture of The Big Apple into a patchwork of colors, shapes, and textures.

“Angie McMonigal’s Urban Quilt series showcases the rhythm of the city through its lines of steel, brick, stone, and glass,” the project’s artist statement reads. “Her images piece together the patchwork of colors, textures, materials, and architectural styles from one era to another.”

“Different moments in our history are preserved within each frame,” the statement continues. “Those moments aren’t arranged in a nice orderly timeline like you’d find in a history book, they’re standing next to each other, layered on top of one another. Her images flatten out the miles between the streets and erase the years that separate one construction project from the next. It’s all stitched together now on a single plane.”

You can find more of McMonigal’s work on her website, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram.