This Photo Seems to Show the World’s Tallest Trolley

Now here’s a photo that may make you look twice. Street photographer Teemu Jarvinen was shooting on the sidewalks of Hong Kong when he managed to capture this shot of the tallest trolley in the city.

Look a little closer, and you’ll see that it’s not a record-setting trolley, nor is it a photomanipulation — the trolley just lined up with the apartment building quite perfectly.

“It was pretty much just a lucky shot,” Jarvinen tells PetaPixel. “I was focused on the building and waited for a tram just to make the shot a bit more interesting, but the lines aligned perfectly just by pure luck.”

Jarvinen didn’t notice the strange alignment until he was reviewing his photos at home and came across the high-rise trolley, which would be quite suitable for a city known for its population density.

You can find more of Jarvinen’s work on his website and Instagram.