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This is What it Looks Like When You Spin a GoPro at 1800rpm


25-year old YouTuber Mr. Michal of the Czech Republic recently took his GoPro for a spin… literally. He strapped his GoPro to a lathe, centered the camera, and captured a dizzying set of shots while it spun at everything from 14 all the way up to 1800rpm.

The video really doesn’t need much more introduction than that. The first few tests at 14, 35, 56, and 90rpm are just okay, but if you skip forward to the 5:30 mark, things get more interesting; that’s when he breaks the 1000rpm barrier and takes us, step by step, all the way to 1800rpm.

Since 1800 is easily divisible by 24fps, you can guess what happens when he reaches that top speed. The results look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Check out the full video above; or, if you just want a summary, you can skip to the 7:45 mark for a quick “recap” that takes you from 14, to 560, and up to 1800rpm. Just don’t expect to operate heavy machinery after watching.