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Leaked Photo Shows Canon 1D X Mark III with Silver-and-Black Color Scheme


A low-res leaked photo published by Canon Rumors today purports to show a Canon 1D X Mark III… but it doesn’t look like any 1D camera we’ve seen in recent years. The color scheme looks more like a film SLR from years past.

The photo has been modified by CR to cut out the photographer holding the camera, but otherwise this is a real photo of a real Canon camera being used in the wild. The question is what exactly are we looking at? Either Canon is planning to differentiate the 1D Series by adding another color option to the mix with the 1D X Mark III—which is currently only shown in black at online retailers—or this is just an unpainted prototype currently being tested in the wild.

We would put our money on the latter option, but based on the online response to this photo, maybe Canon should consider putting out a silver-and-black version of the 1D X.

In addition to the photo, Canon Rumors also received some more information about the 1DX Mark III’s official release date. According to the site’s sources, the camera will be officially announced in February, with a ship date in April.